OneHealth Tool Country Applications

The OneHealth Tool has been used to inform strategic planning processes in more than 25 low- and middle income countries to date, most of which in sub-Saharan Africa. While the greatest added value of applying the tool comes from assessing resource needs for the entire health sector across programmes and system components, the tool is being used in some countries to look at disease or programme-specific resource requirements, for example to inform a national road map for maternal and child health or an HIV strategic plan.

The majority of applications of the OneHealth Tool are used to inform a national level plan. However, a few countries are using the tool for sub-national level planning. The time required to develop an application to inform a strategic plan depends on the availability of data, subject-matter experts and coordination among critical actors. For queries related to country applications to date, please send an email to the Inter Agency Working Group on Costing ( or to Avenir Health ( See below for documented country applications.