Futures Institute is now Avenir Health

Avenir Health is the new name of the Futures Institute. We have changed our name in order to better reflect our commitment to improving health programs and health outcomes in the future (‘avenir’ is French for ‘future’). Specifically, Avenir Health endeavors to improve social and economic development in the areas of family planning, child survival, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and health system strengthening. Founded in 2006 we have worked with a number of partners to develop tools and provide technical assistance to enhance planning, resource allocation, monitoring and evaluation of health programs.

Although the name has changed, our commitment, staff and leadership remain the same. For more information about Avenir Health or to download any of our reports, software or other tools please visit our new website at www.AvenirHealth.org. E-mail addresses for staff have now changed to FirstInitialLastName@AvenirHealth.org.